Spring Fever

I’ve been inside the house since, pretty much, Sunday evening. I ventured out on Monday, for about three painful, disasterous hours at work. Other than that, I’ve been holed up inside these four walls.

Today, the outside called to me. Dressed in my jammies and my big, green fluffy bathrobe, I slopped myself outside onto the porch to soak up some vitamin D. We live near the private airport. The air was filled with the sound of bi-planes, singing and sailing through the air. The wind tossled the crisp dry leaves and sent them skittering and jumping down the street. The sunshine felt delicious on my face. And the still-cool-crisp air made my eyes water. I loved the sounds floating on the wind of neighbor’s chimes and the laughter from the school playground.

While it did not heal me, it did raise my spirits.

And seeing the tight buds on the trees and the green midgets of daffodils poking up through the wood chips and the mounds of dirt brought me lots of hope.

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