Adventure Continues

It was another beautiful day here in Salt Lake and Lil Red Cube decided she likes it enough that she thinks she will stay. I’ve discovered that she is quite the dare devil, enjoying things like bungee jumping – without the bungee – from high places and spinning in circles for long periods of time.

Yesterday marked the day that Lil Red Cube landed in her emotions and discovered her expressions. That has been fun to watch her come alive! Her first expression was a big, toothless grin and it showed up when I found a throne for her to sit on. She spent the afternoon being Your Royal Redness and feeling all queenly.
Then we went to the movies. She thought that the previews rocked, but told me that the movie (He’s Just Not Into You)was absolutely boring. She doesn’t get why men and women are such dorks when it comes to relationships. After watching the mediocre movie, I was wondering the same thing myself. However, I did particularly enjoy the scene where the actress said, “You want me to run away from all the guys that don’t like me? There won’t be anyone left!”

I laughed right out loud on that one and got a few shushes from nearby. The irony for me was, I related all too well! And I wondered, if there won’t be anyone left then why do I want to be with them in the first place???

The movie talked a lot about how women are raised with fairy tales about love and prince charming. They showed how we talk to one another, telling lies to boost up the spirits of the wounded woman in our midst, “He feels threatened by your success…” “He has never been in a longstanding relationship…” yada yada yada… There is this theme of The Rule vs The Exception and they clearly state that every women wants to be the exception. The one male lead who was trying to “train” one of the women about “truth and dating” kept saying, “You are the rule!

Interestingly enough, in the end, two of the three lead women ended up being the exception promoting, further, the fairy tale myths of romance. And the third lead? Well, she started out as being the exception to the rule and ended up heart-broken. So, is that to say that being an exception is temporary?

Ye-eah… there were a couple of good lines that caught my attention, but it was too much for me. Just too many games. Bring on a movie about co-creative, conscious relationships. Please!


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