Enshrouded – ©Angie K. Millgate 1/21/09

The world is misty and mysterious
Shrouded in a veil of murkiness
Particles of death floating in the air
Don’t go out
Don’t breathe in
Stay inside and keep the windows shut tight
Intriguing light dances upon the shadows
Intricate and elaborate designs
Coating the commonplace
Turning life into an alien landscape
Of bumps and jags and surprising angles
Tangible thickness
Icy atmosphere
Wickedness hiding in the eye’s delight
Menacingly awaiting the next victim
The one who will fall beneath the weight
And succumb to the weakening breath
The fingers of the unseen
Crawl along my skin and kiss my neck
Arctic reminders of that which escapes me
And is ever-present
On clearer days

©Angie K. Millgate 1/21/09


One response

  1. Wow, Angie, I am closely relating to this poem of yours today. I am trying to reach out and stay connected, but I just feel withdrawn. But, I will, from the inspiration of your poem, look into the beauty of the chill AS I remember all the things I *know* on my “clearer days.”Love You,Kristen

    January 23, 2009 at 4:31 pm

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