A few months ago, I was hired to do a product photo shoot and I found an amazing house to host it in that was in a development that defies middle-income housing imagination. This home has been unoccupied since its completion for various reasons and has sat empty for almost a year. It is a perfect place for spirits to dwell uninterrupted.

We spent several days at the site and got to know quite well the feeling of the presences that live there now. There were spaces in the home where I knew I was walking through a portal, a doorway to the other dimensions. There were spaces where I knew they gathered and other spaces where I knew they did not. When we opened all the doors after the cleaners left that last night, there was much rejoicing and celebration. We danced with them and they were pleased. I could feel them land airily on my hand and we were treated to a particular, specific and located scent to let even the most skeptical of us know the spirits were truly there. My daughter was excited to be able to see the lights and be with me during the experience so she could learn to love it, rather than fear it.

That night, when my daughter and I returned home, I felt a presence move in the darkened living room. Not wanting to startle my daughter, I didn’t verbally acknowledge it. I didn’t even turn toward it because I knew that I would not be able to see it. Because I rely on my primary vision so strongly, my secondary vision – the vision that allows one to see spirits and auras – has difficulty taking over. However, because I am an energy worker, I notice the slightest change in the energy around me.

Moments later, as I settled into a hot bath, my daughter was standing in the hall staring into the living room, wide-eyed and sheet white.

“Momma…” she whispered, careful to not move a muscle or even turn away from whatever she had glimpsed. “There is someone here with us.”

She had spotted the entity. I have known all her life that she was able to see the spirits around us. Often times their presence scared her. I had felt grateful for our earlier experience of love and ease. She stood stalk still, barely breathing when, suddenly, I heard the young voice speaking to me as if from within and without in a language I did not understand.

“It’s okay, honey. He’s lost.”

“It’s a little boy, Momma.” She dared a quick glance at me.

“I know, honey. He got attached to me when I walked through that portal area in the Holy Shit! room.”

She giggled at my irreverence and looked at me for a longer moment. “What do we do?”

I listened to his words, my mind somehow translating the foreign words into something I could speak aloud to her. “He needs to find his Mom. Honey, you’re going to have to open the door and point him toward the east so he can head back to where he came from.”

“I’m scared. Momma.”

She timidly walked toward him, talking to him in a voice that was much younger than her earthly age, matching his very young energy. She lovingly told him she was going to show him how to get back to his momma because this momma here was her momma.

She opened the door and squealed with delight. “Momma! He went! In a great big burst of light like a comet, he went!”

She came into the bathroom and sat down on the floor beside the tub, eyes wide and face full of brilliance. “That was so cool! How come you could hear him and I couldn’t?”

“My story is is because I am used to listening for messages from other worlds, other dimensions because of the work I do. Also, I couldn’t see him. You could.”

I think about that experience a lot and feel excited to be living in a world where I feel safe and strong amongst entities from beyond. I feel peaceful to know that my daughter is growing up in a world where that ability is embraced and welcomed, rather than shunned such as it was when I was growing up. I feel grateful to know that I have come so far in my life that I am able to support and encourage her in her abilities and help her explore further into what she is capable of doing, being.

Yeah. I like my life. I feel blessed!


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