Dazed and Safe

This morning the roads were a horrible mess and it took me two hours – two! hours! – to get to the office – a drive that, at max, takes 40 minutes. I would make it four blocks and be detoured and sent three blocks back in the direction from where I had come. All the way into town it was like this.

Eventually, I found an empty road and praised the lord for small miracles. I drove along it until I came to an intersection and was able to breathe deeply while I waited for the light to turn green. At this point, my mind drifted away, as did my eyes. I was staring up to the right and off into space thinking, for some reason, about my friends Melissa and Troy. I followed the lyrical movements of my mind, paying no heed to the traffic signal.

When I returned to my body, I saw that my green arrow was already giving me permission to turn. It took a moment to register that information from my brain to my feet. In that moment, a full-size red truck plowed through the intersection in the lane closest to the front of my car. Had I been paying attention, rather than daydreaming, that red truck would have slammed at full speed into the driver’s side of my car.

This is one time that procrastination and daydreaming paid off for me! Miracle for which I am profoundly thankful!


One response

  1. Yes, Thank God you were inspired to daydream!!! That must have been very startling! WOW, am I thankful that you were listening to the music in your mind. . . . Let me say it now: I love you, Angie, and am daily grateful for the impact your presence has in my living :)In Joy,Kristen

    December 18, 2008 at 1:04 am

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