Fearing Genius

I discovered something incredible last night…

I arrived quite late to Life Skills because I had chosen in to being in my genius and being available to support a couple of friends. When I got to class, I walked in in the middle of them talking about “FEAR.”

Spontaneously, Megan channeled a fear exercise. We were asked to face into our worst fear… “What is the absolute worst that could happen… and then, when that happens, what could be the worst thing beyond that?” For a few minutes, Megan took us through the fear gateways until the room was quiet and people were deep in the feeling of fear in their bodies.

I discovered that I had an immensely difficult time conjuring up fears. Megan offered, “So I just went bankrupt. Now what happens? So I just lost the house and I’m homeless. Now what happens?”

Those are fears that I have been facing into every day. However, last night, while basking in the glow of my genius, I realized that I felt solid and whole. Yes, so I went bankrupt. I can do this. What’s next? I lost the house? Really? Well I am still alive.

I am beginning to understand that living in my genius will save my life because living a life that is run by fear will surely kill me – either by illness or some act of destruction which is attracted to my fear.

I am beginning to understand that living in my genius will enliven my life because it takes the charge out of the stories I create to stop myself.

And I finally understood that living in my genius is THE place to go to really FEEL amazing!


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