Rhinestone Cowboy

I am giggling at this moment…

I am at work being completely unproductive. Hence the blog. I am having difficulty staying on task and would actually prefer being out in the sopping-wet, freezing-cold, drifting snowstorm than I would be in here trying to make up something that looks like work to do. While I was doing that, I found my only task to be boring me to tears. To lighten my load, I took a break and played Startris on www.king.com. I have always been a Tetris fiend. This little game is an interesting twist on an old game and I am, nonetheless, still addicted to a good thing.

While playing this, sans sound, I had my streaming internet stereo cranked loud since my daughter and I are the only ones in the office today. I am here at my boss’s (a.k.a. former husband, for those of you who were blissfully unaware) behest, yet there is nothing for me to do. Hence the Startris.

Sheesh… as you can see by my bumpy train of thought here, I am so not in the frame of mind to be sitting at a computer…

Anyway… the streaming music seeped into my head and I started singing along before I realized I was doing so or what I was singing…

Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo

Then the giggling began. I remembered back to junior high when my friend, Martin, sang this absurd song in an assembly. He was the only black boy in our school and it didn’t seem odd that he was singing about being a cowboy. We just thought he was damn hot. (I have this story that black cowboys do not exist. If you are one, my apologies.) He was my buddy so I was able to sit in the auditorium amongst all the squealing girls and know that I knew him. I could lay claim to him and knew that one day I would be able to say “I knew him when…”

Today, some twenty-odd years later, I wonder… where in the world is Martin???


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