A few days ago, for some reason, I had the image of a praying mantis pop into my head. I don’t know why it was there, I only remember wondering about how long it had been since I had seen one and when would I see another. I am very curious about those creatures.

Last night, as I left for Life Skills, I got in the car, drove out of my parking space and began to leave the parking lot. As I did so, I remembered that I did not have my schedule with me. I am committed to having that with me at all times for obvious reasons that were eluding me for longer than I want to admit to you. Because of that commitment, and although it would possibly make me late – which, it didn’t… interesting – I turned around, parked, turned off the car, and ran up the stairs.

There, as I ran up the stairs, I noticed an odd object affixed to the side of my porch light. I paused and stared. What’s this? Yes. It was a Praying Mantis! I felt happy that he was there and was so curious about his appearance and what it possibly symbolized for me. I shared my discovery with my daughter who begged to go see it, even after I had started the car and backed out. Fearing tardiness, I said “no” and stated I was certain he would still be there when we got home. Her face fell and I realized that one more minute would not make or break me and allowed her to jump out to see it.

When we arrived home, Mr. Mantis was still there. I was so excited to see him and ran inside to pull out my Native American animal totem book, “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews. I read about the Mantis and was delighted to discover the correlation to tonight: Mantis is the Power of Stillness… It spoke of the link between martial arts and the Mantis and I have been yearning to begin training in martial arts. It stated… Through learning to still the outer mind and go within, we can draw upon greater power… Mantis teaches how to still the outer so that when it is time to act (in any form) it is done with surety, accuracy, and great power… dictionary states mantis comes from Greek word meaning “Prophet…” We can learn to use the stillness in varying degrees – whether for creativity or healing – and this is part of what Mantis teaches.

Then this part jumped out at me: Are you being impatient? Are you needing help meditating and quieting the outer mind? Are you missing opportunities to grasp life’s rewards because you act or speak to hastily?

And then I understood… I am forgetting the EASY part! I am doing all the “work” and the “play” and the “action.” I am forgetting to REST! I am forgetting to be STILL and OPEN TO RECEIVING and therefore the money has no place to land.


Last night I went out and thanked Mr. Mantis – who was still sitting there, patiently waiting – for the gentle reminder to be still. Then I intentionally rested for receiving money abundantly. This morning, Mr. Mantis was still there and it was a most amazing way to start off my day!


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