Meditation of the Week 05-01-07

Spring has, indeed, sprung here in my fair city and has seemingly stepped aside for summer. The winds blow rampant from the south, tossing hair and skirts and unsecured items on unseasonably sultry billows. It whistles through the treetops, setting them swaying dramatically and releasing their seedpods in cascading white curtains.

There are millions of these seedpods dancing about the atmosphere today – dime-sized, paper-thin, creamy-white seeds that fall to the ground in a blizzard, clicking against one another with the sound of Rice Krispies with freshly-poured milk. On the ground, they skip about the asphalt and sidewalks in whirling dervishes with a tinkling, tippety-tappety sound, then create a loose covering upon the grass and fill the gutters to overflowing.

I feel languid today and want to sit somewhere in the shade to simply observe the beauty of nature. Absorbed in the grandeur of the world, I chose the longest route possible to run my boss’s errands. I had two places to go and opted to reverse the normal order and, to shake it up a bit, go to a totally different post office on the way back to the office.

My stereo blasted songs loud enough that I could feel the rhythm vibrating all about me. The air conditioner forced much-appreciated cold air through the vents which soothed my heated body. And, as I drove, I relaxed into reverie and gazed at all the miracles in front of my eyes. I was captivated by the cycle of nature and how, without any input from man, our world follows the life-death-life cycle time and again, without fail.

My journey progressed through a series of random thoughts… about my dear friend whom had texted me this morning… the air conditioner that is not working at the office… another good friend of mine who recently sold a painting… my brother who is graduating from college this weekend… my cousin who ships off to Iraq next week…

I meandered through town, did the errands and, eventually, ended up at the small post office in quaint Sugarhouse – one of my favorite areas of town. I picked this particular post office because I knew it would afford me the luxury of driving 30 mph through old neighborhoods that are crowded with my favorite feature – bungalow cottages.

I entered the cool environment of the post office and merged into a line five people deep. Normally, I would shift and inwardly groan with the wait. Today, however, I didn’t mind. I inhaled the smell of cardboard and paper and floor polish. I played eye games with the two young, carrot-top boys who would feign shyness and hide their faces into their mother’s thighs. I felt the cold of the faux marble counter top beneath my fingertips. I listened to the sound of the stamping, the voices, the printing, the computers, the sliding boxes and envelopes. My senses were on full alert and charged to take in any and all input.

As I left the post office, a woman walked by me. I instantly noticed her skirt – a black, flowing thing with sparkles in a fascinating pattern near the hem. The wind blew through the material and her hair most attractively and I was mesmerized by the sight. So much so, that I actually stopped moving and just stared at her while she got into her car. She was, thankfully, oblivious to my surveillance.

She drove off and I got in my car, turned on the ignition and prepared to back up. Several cars were coming and going so I had to wait my turn. When the coast was clear over my right shoulder, I turned to look over my left as a black vehicle pulled into the spot next to me. Something about this vehicle was familiar and caused me to pause.

Then I saw the driver. It was my dear friend who had texted me earlier this morning! Now this just isn’t coincidence!

I was able to chat with her for awhile before we wished one another well and I drove off. Meeting her there was what we both needed. Being able to have our lives touch one another in those few moments was balm for her soul, as well as for mine. I felt uplifted and connected and alive.

All the way back to the office, I mused about the synchronicities in my life and watched the seedpods twirling. I felt happy and like twirling myself. How blessed I feel when the Universe so clearly lines up for me and directs me to where I am needed. Granted, I know that it happens all of the time. I just really get a kick out of it when I get to be an active participant and an alert observer!

And then I wondered… what would it be like to live a life wherein I am in participation all of the time with the Universe? What would it be like to experience awareness of my synchronicities in every moment?

Mmmmm… that sounds like a Life I want to live!

©Angie K. Millgate 5/1/07


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