Confessions of the Fat Girl #3

Every day, between the time of 10:45 am and 10:52 am, a lunch truck comes down the street on which my office building is situated. Out my huge picture window, I watch as it stops in the driveway of the auto body shop across the street and then blares its insufferable horn – Food’s here! Come and get it! All up and down the street, the front doors of the office buildings fly open and people dash to congregate around the truck with the shiny aluminum siding walls.

The sound of that horn, no matter if I am hungry or not, causes my stomach to growl. Pavlov’s Response, I suppose.

It brings back memories of eighteen years ago and being able to congregate with my friends around a very similar truck, with an equally obnoxious melody to call to the hungry hordes. It was an event each and every day. I could hear the sound of the horn, as if it were in the distance, then the administrative assistant would get on the P.A. system and announce, “Lunch Truck’s here!”

The inevitable sound of scraping chairs and clattering heels filled the air as practically everyone in the five-floor building left their desks at the exact same moment. People ran down stairs – those that were trying to hold up some sort of semblance of healthiness or, truthfully, were too impatient to wait for the elevator to return after dumping its first load. And then we would line up around the truck as if we were paying homage to a loving god.

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Food! Glorious food!

And none of that stuff was very healthy. I remember one of my all time favorite choices used to be a crisp bean burrito – deep fried, greasy and oh so gooey!

Yeah… I don’t eat those anymore. Now, when the horn squonks outside, I just watch from the safety of my desk and long for the days when I could eat anything and pay no consequence.

Oh, but wait! I did pay a consequence. I pay for it every single day now and I am reminded of that when I look in the mirror.

Oh, yes. Nothing – and I mean nothing – comes without a price.

The good news is, though… I lost 1/4 pound this week and 3 1/4 inches.

Take that Lunch Truck!



One response

  1. Fantastic Angie — keep up the good work and we are behind you all the way. You can do it. Love Dad & Dawna

    January 20, 2007 at 8:09 pm

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